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      Abigail is currently working on her debut novel, and teaching creative writing and English at the University of North Florida. She studied creative writing at Florida State University and gained her MFA from the University of Tampa. 

     Abigail's writing is almost always centered around family. While her short stories are closer to magical realism, both novels she is currently working on are contemporary fiction. Her characters are not perfect, and the families are dysfunctional? Through her books, Abigail aims to imbue a bit more empathy into the world. While she writes primarily contemporary fiction, she most enjoys reading young adult or a wide variety of comic books. 

     Abigail is the product of an unconventional family and much of her inspiration comes from them. Abigail's family is the biggest thing in her life and brings her the deepest sense of belonging. In 2009 Abigail met her husband in high school marching band and they have been married since 2018. Outside of teaching and writing, Abigail enjoys crafting, traveling, and spending time with her loved ones.

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